Express Design

When you need to develop, test, and release a solution fast, here we come with Express Design Services.

Express Design Packs

Delivering express design is especially actual in the context of rapidly growing markets. Akveo Express Design team offers 2 flexible service packs to create your MVP. We can deliver basic design assets within 1 week for a fixed price.

UI Design Oriented Icon Akveo Design

UI Design Oriented

This package is perfect for the small businesses that need a branded online presence and growing companies that rely on visual identity to stand out.


Key Screens + UI Library

3-5 Screens of your product
UI Library (Sketch/Figma)
UX + Usability
Brand Color Guidelines
Delivery Time: 1 Week
Design System Setup Icon Akveo Design

Design System Setup

If you have already got a brand identity and want to ensure a consistent design across all apps to improve scalability, the Design System Setup package is just for you. The package also helps startups reduce costs on product designs and simplify maintenance.


UI Library + Guidelines

Customized UI Library
Design System Tutorials
New Components Development
Dark&Light Themes
Delivery Time: 1 Week

"The packs we suggest are flexible according to your needs"

Eva Design System

We use the Eva Design System for the majority of our projects. This is one of our open-source products that helps to design better, reduce time and costs. Plus, the Eva Design System is handy for both web and mobile implementation.

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What you’ll get as a result?

Design Concept

You will get beautifully designed screens of your app so that you can showcase them to stakeholders and investors before the MVP is ready.

Promo materials

You can use out-of-the-box design assets to promote your product and run marketing campaigns.

Design MVP

Build and scale your MVP faster using aesthetically pleasing design concepts and a variety of stylized UI Library components.

Customized UI Library

You'll get a ready-to-use UI library with custom components under the hood. For further experiments and testing of the product, you'll be able to change the components and interface style by yourself.

Our Workflow



Within 1-2 business days, we’ll reach out to you and schedule a call to discuss the details.


Get Specifications

At this stage, we'll send you the brief to get all the details and issues needed to start the design process.



Considering the pack selected and your business needs, we develop a quick and scalable design solution.


Handoff Deliverables

We deliver finalized design assets according to the pack selected 1 week after the project start.



Admin for theatre productions management.


Customize UI Library and create a quick UI Concept to save time & budget.


Fully Customized UI Library with key screens for Web & Mobile, designed using best UX practices. Akveo developed Dark & Light themes for the app.


Customized UI Library


UX of 3 Main Screens


Figma Files with Assets


Web + Mobile Concepts


Dark&Light Themes

Delivery Time:

1 Week

Interested in Express Design?

We deliver an express design service according to your individual business needs and goals. Feel free to send us a request.