How we helped to design and develop a modern & user-friendly website to a company, that brings coliving to Switzerland in collaboration with Swiss Startup Tech.


A service, that offers hassle-free living in major Swiss cities by providing fully furnished, beautifully designed apartments with a community of people at its heart.

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Our Goals

To design a new website for catching up highly educated professionals with high income.

Webflow Implementation

Project was fully developed by a designer using
a low-code tool - Webflow with CMS Implementation and Calendly widget

Brand Guidelines

The goal was to make a simple, recognizable logo in minimalistic, nordic style. As name of company - UrbanHaus - consists of two words, the idea was to make monogram - take U-letter, H-letter and combine them visually. According to the top priority of the company - to build strong community - the circle represents unity. After few iterations, we found that U-letter and H-letter in circle can present the company name, house bricks and strong united community.

Icons & Colors

The goal was to make black, white & yellow colors looking attractive, light and modern, rather then static and dangerous. Adding grey color on background and headings with yellow made it soft and playful.

Smoke White
Light Gray
Dim Gray


According to guidelines, one of the goals was to find a perfect fitting font, needed to be open source - The Inter typeface family.

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