How we helped to design a new website for Infeas in collaboration with Swiss Startup Tech. We honed their message, and built them modern & personable website.

Website Design and Development for accounting service


A team of experts in areas of accounting, finance controlling, administration and payroll based in Switzerland. They are taking care of their clients across a variety of sectors, helping start-ups, small & medium businesses to implement and automate their financial processes.

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Website Design and Development for finance controlling service
Website Design and Low code Development for finance controlling service

Our Goals

- To design a new website for better  representation of Infeas team, its  mission and services provided;

- To create a corporate identity for the  website using the existing logo;

- To Improve overall site architecture and  navigation to enable easier browsing  and a stronger experience;

- To meet a strict deadline for the both  design & development iterations.

Webflow Implementation

Website & CMS were fully developed on Webflow by designer.

Webflow Development for finance controlling service
Website Design and Development for finance controlling service
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Brand Guidelines

Infeas came to us with a logo. We took it energetic green & teal colors and built out a palette that included a combination of shades of primary and fog gray tones to give it a neat and aesthetic appearance.

Icons & Colors

Icons Pack Design and Development
Teal Green
Teal Blue
Dark Teal Blue
Fog Gray


Gothic A1 is a versatile sans-serif typeface with multiple weights and optimized spatial distribution, licensed under the Open Font License.

Typography guidelines


As a part of the new website design was creating thematic illustrations to better reflect their services and to create a friendly & personalized experience.

illustration design finance and auditillustration design finance and team workillustration design finance and countingillustration design finance and bank developmentillustration design finance and bank client
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